Word Problems

1) Jane has 9 candy apples. She sells 2 candy apples to Sarah, 1 to Justin, 3 to Mark, 2 to Sally and eats the last one herself. How long will Jane be in debt after Mark sues her for misrepresenting the percentage candy coating according to the Consumer Protection Act?


Jane is emotionally unstable and this event triggered a deep depression which compromised her marriage and ultimately led to divorce and her losing custody of her two children. During this period, what is the approximate volume of tears Jane cried?

a) 5 litres
b) 15 litres
c) 50 litres

2) Jake cycles 11 miles to work every day. If he starts from his house and goes 2.3 miles east, 3.6 miles north and 1.2 miles southwest before being decapitated by the front axle of a sodding great dump truck, how many stitches will the coroner use to sew his head back on?

3) Gareth takes a long time to do laundry because Gareth is a salamander. If it takes Gareth approximately 100,000 years per sock, will he evolve in time to wear his new shoes?

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