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The subconscious is a myth perpetrated by the ego. The only thing you will find there is what you placed there to find. It is not the subliminal that you should fear, it is the superliminal.

I mean even if the subconscious did exist... would it not be in its nature to remain, well, subconscious? And therefore wouldn't it follow that whatever your consciousness calls "subconscious" is a conscious construction?

Listen... you can't lie to yourself, can you? I'm sure you've heard of liars who actually BELIEVE their lies! No kidding! We call those people... liars. Occam's razor. Nobody, since forever, has ever believed their own lie, unless of course they weren't lying after all. To be totally honest, I don't even believe that lying is possible. I think everyone you've ever lied to has only indulged you in their own way, though I'm sure you think you're a very good hypnotist. "The truth always outs!" Strange rule, isn't it?

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