The irony is that the attempt to explain God (that is the universal soul of all living things) metaphorically, such as in Abrahamic religions, has actually obscured God. Now we must work to undo this literal interpretation of "the man in the sky" and explain what we mean in a more comprehensive and accessible way, or there will always be despots who seek to exploit that interpretation or indeed overthrow it. A further irony is that today atheism is often the first step to understanding this. All of the lessons in the Bible or the Torah or the Quran are self-evident once the understanding is reached. After all, where do you think they came from? We should not conceive of God as a vehicle for morality but as morality itself, having faith not in some supernatural force that would absolve us of our wickedness but in the goodness of humanity and of ourselves. It is not that we must convert the world to this idea, it is that we must let the world convert us to it.

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