I'm sick of the mysticism surrounding the Ancient Egyptians. Suspend your occult tendencies and let's get real for a moment: that's a basement with a pile of rocks on top. Some people think aliens helped them... with what exactly? PILING ROCKS? Are you serious? So you're saying that aliens achieved intergalactic travel, hurtled billions of miles through space, avoiding black holes, asteroid fields, enduring extreme temperatures, radiation, etc, only to help a bunch of primitive, superstitious apes pile rocks? That's your theory? You people are insufferable.

I am ashamed to share a genome with a species literal enough to think piling rocks is a meaningful endeavor. And guess what? You're still doing it! They're gonna dig up the mummified corpse of Jeff Bezos' in a couple thousand years, buried under a pile of hookers, and even then there will be people who think E.T. was somehow involved.

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