It is no more possible to predict the future than it is to change the past for these are one and the same. The beginning of intuition is first to realize that all which has happened and all which is yet to happen is happening, to lean into this view of reality and begin to notice certain things that you dismiss as mere coincidence for what they are: the thread which connects past to future and makes them rhyme – then – that to follow this thread is to transcend time.

To separate, or attempt to separate, irony from mere chance or coincidence is a task of utmost importance which rewards incredible insight. And, of course, mistaking them is itself an irony. In this way the soothsayer seeks after premonitions not of the world but of themselves. Again, this is not about telling the future, it's about developing intuition.

Do not shy away from irony simply because you do not understand it or are afraid of it making a fool of you. That is the whole point: you can't understand it because you are a fool. But in admitting this alone, you are already less foolish.

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